Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The most WONDERFUL time of the year!

Top ten most wonderful things about our Christmas

1. Guiltless Shopping: Thank you again to everyone who gave us giftcards for our wedding. It was fun to pretend for a few hours that we can buy anything we want when we want it.

2. Decorating the apt: My parents saved the day here. Apparently, their tree "had a baby" and needed a home. I never knew that trees were born in such a fashion, but we nurtured this Christmas miracle gratefully. They also provided other cheery gifts of decoration- ornaments, christmas elves, tear- jerking Christmas book, vanilla scented fake candles (my favorite!) Thanks mama and papa Schmidt!

3. Music. Music. And more Music!: After attending his amazing Christmas concert, David Archuleta was kind enough to send us one of his very own Christmas cds- someone must have told him I'm a big fan. Thank you David! We are still listening to it - 2 weeks post-Christmas. Listening to it right now actually. Also, what would Christmas be without the Schmidt family orchestra? This year's nativity production was epic, thanks to the cutest sheep, wiseman, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the whole world.

4. Christmas Eve: People say, Christmas is a time for traditions. How do you decide whats tradition though, and what you just end up doing by chance? I guess, we'll worry about that next year. This year we started off at the Schmidts with a fine chick-fila nugget meal. It was actually really really good. TRADITION!! We rounded that off with a lovely hour of music, New Testament and dress-ups. I think it was the best nativity we've had in a long time. Next, we headed back to our apt. Each opened one unknown gift. Intensive hand lotion! A Steamer!  Then it was onto the Matheson household for some more excitement. We spent the night/ midmorning hours playing games and laughing at Nathan. Poor little dude. He tried so hard to be happy. After he threw-up midlaughter however, things started being less funny. Ronnie and I shared the couch for sleep. It was about 2 feet wide. Ronnie claims it was more roomy than what I usually leave for him on the bed, but I beg to differ. Somehow he ended up curled on the floor when i woke up. haha.

5. Christmas breakfast. Few people know this, but my second favorite food is cream of wheat. And guess what we had that glorious morning... yup. So good. Plus monkey bread. The Mathesons don't joke around when it comes to good food.

5. Roadtrip to Cali: If anyone ever tries to tell you its not a long drive to California- punch them in the face. Just kidding, a little harsh. But really, its far. What better people to be stuck with though? Ronnie knows my family on a whole new level. Good times. We watched about 10 movies, ate lots of snacks and spent the night in Vegas. Holla

6. Carmel (not to be confused with Caramel): Beach, redwood trees, shorts & warm jackets, whales, dolphins, aquarium and best of all FAMILY! Never a quiet moment. Really never. I love that place!

7. Clean up: 6 heaping loads of laundry. Christmas decorations still up. I think we'll leave them for a while just cause. Pine needles everywhere. Our "baby" died. We forgot to water him... a few times. Oh well. We'll try harder when its a baby human. I promise.

8. No school: A whole week to just chill. We've picked up a new hobby- selling stuff online. Textbooks, phones, laptops, jeep parts... you name it. Its been pretty exciting, but we are running out of stuff to sell.

9. Family: Christmas = family. Family= love. Love= happiness

10. First Married Christmas: Our first Christmas together. A complete success!

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