Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well, we loved the speed and the sleek style of our Saab 9-3 Turbo, but knew we'd need something a little more reliable in the winter with my dangerous habits. Lets just say- the little Saab didn't do well in puddles, dirt roads or snow covered highways. So sadly to say we sold the little sports car and started looking for a more reliable "outdoorsy-mobile" for our camping, cabin, and random dirt road adventures. Jocie loves practical ideas and I always seem to come up with more risky ideas. Lucky for me, we found not one jeep but 2! If any of you know me- I have this weird obsession with jeeps. I absolutely love everything about them..........
        Jeep Number 1

            Jeep Number 2!
 SO number 1 runs great, number 2 on the other hand has a blown motor but a great suspension lift.

SOOO we took number 1 and 2 and built........

                            Jeep Number 3!
  As soon as its completely finished you'll see us on our first adventure. Maybe Jocie's cabin, maybe snow shoeing in millcreek or maybe wheeling in the mud somewhere. We'll see!
    Thanks Jocie for letting me have the adventure of building this bad boy. We'll make it worth all the hours separated when building it on some great adventures honey!

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