Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Behold the joys of Christmas!

 Body surfing in freezing ocean. Hence the wet suits. They make it look really fun.
 Early morning walks along the golf course. Worth waking up at 7 for.
 We didn't mean to match. I promise. It just happens.
 Please ignore the facial expressions, and continue up the picture. Cool tree eh?
 There are a lot of funny things going on in this picture. I can't explain.
 I love Christmas!
 Someone really likes Sandra Bullock...
 Oh Jeffie. What a stud muffin!
 Cutest nieces in the world. Notice Ariel- she is meant to be the focal point.
 The touching pool was a little disturbing for some.
 Some sort of fishes. I'm not sure.
 Swim Britlynn. Swim!
 It was cold. We were waiting for the car, while it waited for us down the street. Good times.
 This one is my favorite. We just love crabs.
 yummy slime.
Epic hunter. He hunts squirrels too.

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  1. Love the pictures. Glad we helped you find your camera! Thanks for taking care of my kids!