Monday, August 6, 2012

A few highlights

So we always wish we took more pictures. But here is what we've got from the last few weeks:

Iowa (conference for work)- my exciting weekend: 

Quite honestly, there wasn't much to do or see in Iowa besides the conference. Luckily the training was fantastic and the company was great or else the weekend would have been kinda lame. The airplane ride was fun and obviously the only thing I thought to take a picture of the whole trip!

 This awesome mug made it all the way to the Minneapolis airport, before i dropped it. No worries though, a little bit of super glue made it all better!

Ferron: Ronnie's more exciting weekend
   This is our tree at Ferron! Every family has a tree with their names and dates carved from each year.

Weber Cabin: Our weekend together

Ronnie found an old wooden raft staked out by the lake and went Huckleberry Finn style. Trouble was the wind only carried him one direction. Haha whoops! Then he and Kate cleaned the moss/sticks out the drain pipe. It looked like a giant bathtub being drained! Hopefully we will get more pictures of this trip from other cameras. It was a great weekend.

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