Sunday, November 13, 2011

Date night

Last week I found this note taped to my mirror...

Roses are red, 
Violets are blue,
Can I go on a date with you??
Friday @ 6     yes or no

Classic. Plus a red rose. I circled yes and gave it back to him.

Friday finally came. He came home to tell me he sold his car while at work today and traded it in for something else. Those who know Ronnie, understand that this is a pretty likely situation. When I finally was allowed to see it, I was a little surprised. It was a chrysler crossfire (black convertible). Turns out he just borrowed it from the dealership for the night, but needless to say we felt pretty high class. I wish we had thought to take pictures! duh.

Surpise #2. Tour of the capital building. A few days earlier I had mentioned how pretty the capitol looked and how it would be fun to go see it. He took this to heart and made it happen. It was actually super cool. We had the whole place to ourselves and even found pictures of previous Matheson governors on the wall.

Surprise #3. Dinner at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. Ronnie asked around at work for a good place to eat. Someone mentioned Ruth's Chris. I must admit it was really good, but ridiculously expensive too! Seeing as the steak was $50+ a la carte, we decided to share the chicken entre with a sidedish of asparagus. It came in still sizzling on a 500 degree plate.  As we declined the wine list, shared a chicken meal and said no to dessert, our waiter quickly lost his exotic Australian accent. What a poser!! Guess we weren't high class enough to deserve such service.

Anyway. It was a lovely night. Thanks Ronnie!!

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