Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ronnies knee Fiasco!

   Last spring trying to impress the Schmidt clan with my wicked awesome moves, I choked hard core! While at Snow Basin Ski Resort with my wife to be I had to impress her. I actually did land the jump, but unfortunately my knee decided to pop hard last minute. Well, whats to be said when the phone number for the ER nurse has been in the top five on my families phone list all growing up.
    The pain finally hit me a week ago while playing soccer and getting turned the wrong way. Once too many and the leg was on the fritz. After a quick 20 min with Dr. Brian, we decided the ACL had been gone since the time of the accident and the rest of the ligaments were tired of having to make up for the loss. Surgery was scheduled within a week and now here we are.
    None of this would have even been remotely bearable with out my sweetheart right next to me. I knew it would work- go big to impress her, get hurt, act tough........... Love you Jocie.
 Now its on to PT (physical therapy) to help me get back on the slopes and in the game!

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